Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Raffiaware History Tour by Modern Plastics

Kailani Burke of Hawaii has done it again, not only unleashed a ton of Mallory Randall melmac and plastic dishes in her attic (which is available in her Etsy shop), but she has found clues as to their manufacture dates with fun ephemera! She has dated the Raffiaware as late as 1963. Here is an examples of what she's found via her large stash of melmac, a promotional coupon!

You can see coupons like this, and factory promo photos HERE.

She explains, "These photographs from Thermo-Temp show all of the products available in the Thermo Ware line in the Spring of 1966.  The term "raffiaware" is nowhere to be seen in this promotional pamphlet.  Also you might note that certain items not seen here were strictly offered through home dairy service as a way of promoting dairy products.  Sears still had the exclusive right to market the Thermo Ware tumblers which by 1963 were packaged in sets of eight coulourful tumblers."

Circa 7/59 Billboard Magazine.

All clues like this are extremely important when researching old plastics.  I found this ad in an old magazine circa1959 (BB) which gives clues that back then, the "straw" tumblers were indeed referred to as ThermoTemp.  So I'm wondering did the company refer to this at one time as Raffiaware, or was this public's nickname that was coined by the company?  (Raffia being the straw like burlap material used inside these cups).

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  1. I found proof of Raffiaware being the real name, check out this link!

  2. I'm glad to find this blog! I recent;y posted a table with 1956 Brookpark "Pink Hyacinth" on my blog and am looking for Thermo ware, or raffia ware if I can figure out exactly what it's called!