Saturday, November 21, 2015

Vintage Color-Flyte Melmac Dinnerware Ads

1950's Ad for Color-Flyte by Branchell was found on Etsy at thevintageshop
Kaye Lamoyne was the designer on Branchell's melamine lines, shown here Color-Flyte and Royale. Both similar in design but different colors kept the lines distinguishable. The ad above shows how you could sign up and get items for only $1!  Below, the elegance of Royale by Branchell is showcased, with the hard-to-find silverware.

Hard to find silverware is shown in this ad on Etsy's thevintageshop.

Branchell Melamine Dinnerware
The Elegance of Branchell! This stack a mixed bag $35 at LisasRetroStyle2

For more information on this company, visit Dennis' great history site here: 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

XYZ Workshop Corn Plastic Robbie Robot Planter

The kids love these machines, seeing doodles come to life.  Courtesy:

Ohhhhhhhhhh look, a plastic fantastic machine --- well, not exactly.  In a nutshell these fabulous little machines print scribbles and doodles in 3-D, making them into the next best plastic made of corn. Yes ,we said a non toxic plastic ! How wonderful!

Robbie Robot PLA Planter from XYZ Workshop
Robbie the Robot is fantasy turned reality, and is available on Etsy for $35

XYZ Workshop Dinosaur Printed from Corn Plastic

The Dinosaur is printed from Corn Plastic and is so super cool!

All of this is made available by XYZ Workshop! XYZ Workshop was formed in early 2013, by Australian Architects, Elena Low and Kae Woei Lim. This husband and wife team were intrigued by desktop manufacturing and spent their time out of their architectural work tinkering around with their kit assembled 3D printer from Ultimaker. Much like Architecture, they were drawn into the potential of 3d Printing as it fused aspects of Art, Sculpture and Technology.

Will this be the next plastic fantastic thing, collectible 50 years form now? Or will all that corn simply compost back into the ground? Guess we shall see..........

Check them out:
XYZWorkshop on Etsy