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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thermo-Serv Mugs West Bend Plastics Minnesota

From the TheKnickKnacks on Etsy
Thermo-Serv , wow. It's over fifty years old. Best known for the insulated mugs and drink cups , which were mostly made super thick or double walled to keep drinks colder, or warmer. Ironically, I did a little checking and found some history online here, that indicates more on wonderful mugs and cups..
From UPTownDownTown on Etsy

Here is what it said, "ThermoServ, Ltd. was founded by Nelson F. Cornelius in Anoka, Minnesota. In 1956, the company introduced a black and gold thermal coffee carafe from which the company took its name.  To this day, this product is a familiar fixture in many restaurants throughout the country. The success of the carafe led to the introduction of many insulated plastic mugs, steins and tumblers. In addition, a full line of non-thermal drinkware was produced."

The history goes onto indicate the products are still made here in America.  Now here's the catch, some vintage models are marked Thermo-Serv, wherein patents are applied for like the bottom of hte original vintage coffee server as shown by UpTownDownTown on Etsy.
Original products before the patent look like this....Pic: UpTownDownTown on Etsy.

Others are marked "Thermo-Serv, a division of West Bend"which came later pic above and below: OnceMet on Etsy.

Most I've seen have  "A Division of West Bend" mark, so it's safe to assume West Bend was the one producing Thermo-Serv.  Here is a neat shot of the original drink cups  from "OldVintageGoodies" on Etsy:

Collecting Today:
AndysAtticVintage offers this great gingham set!

Now here's the thing, Thermo-Serv collecting is maddening as it can be virtually endless. Not only can you collect the vintage drinkware and barware sets, but also the numerous advertising mugs they made for other companies. They were used for promotional products, gift-with-purchases or employee giveaways.  It's interesting the things you may find, like this cool defunct beer brand mug. 
Item at RetroChalet


  1. Very nice. I so remember these. Love the checkered ones.

  2. I'm starting to be afraid to throw anything out. Or look back to remember stuff my family had that SOMEbody must have tossed.

    Thanks for the info & links !!! You're the best.

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