Friday, December 16, 2011

Plastics Melmac Dinnerware Blog 1 Yr Old and 40000 Views

Me and Mom and our TexasWare bowl!

Happy 1st "real" Birthday to The Melmac Central Blog!  I started working on the blog last November but I wasn't really posting alot until December of 2010  Now this little blog is officially ONE YEAR OLD, and I've been blogging about lots of retro art and design plastic, jewelry, melmac dinnerware, and fantastic plastic!

I just wanted to say thanks for reading. In just one year my little blog has reached over 40,000 views and have had visitors in over 26 countries! I'm currently at a Page Rank 4 in Google and steady rank a 3 or better.   I never knew people would be reading!

What you may not know is how special this little blog is to me. You see, it was a side project at first to tribute my love of plastics to my friend Derek who had been lost to cancer.  I had not really done much with the blog, until my mother ended up with Colo-rectal cancer and I decided posting would get my mind occupied on something!  Mom beat the cancer so to speak, but died later that night in the hospital, just one year ago to be exact--so I posted, and posted, and posted! I guess you could say  posting was an outlet, and the one thing  to keep those wonderful memories of me and mom baking in our plastic fantastic alive....and my friend Derek's love for plastics too.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading.....

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