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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Melmac Galore

Melmac Dinnerware
Melmac Dinnerware, piled in boxes, makes for a good retirement plan someday. Back before no one wanted melmac collectors were stashing it in their storage units and containers .Some of these boxes were given to me by Derek Schultz, a fellow collector I once knew, now deceased. He was attempting to collect to write a melmac book, as were several people I know.  These samples were collected from all over North America on outings.  Do you see any melmac or melamine that you collect in these boxes?
Melmac Dishes
Much older melmac contains knife marks and needs a good cleaning.  I like to use a blend of comet paste and hot water and a toothbrush for scrubbing the dirt out of knife marks on most light surfaces.  Melmac was labeled as indestructible but over time it did lose it's sheen thanks to washing in hot dishwashers.
Melmac Central
Some have yucky sticker residue on them.  Peanut butter helps remove the sticker good.
Melmac Unearthed!
Watertown ware
Rare Watertown Butter dishes in Olive green were found. Was this a mistake or did Watertown Ware come out with this fugly green?  Sorry grandma, I hated the 70's.
vintage melamine
Tons of Melmac Dishes
So where can you find all this melmac for sale? look for it soon!

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