Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fantastic Plastic: Online Museum of Good Design Plastic Finds Part Uno

Aside from only melmac, I'd like to touch on plastic for a bit.  There's something special about the design of plastic. Look at the photos and see if you think this is museum worthy design!

Vintage lucite brooch photo and item by Karmalings of North Carolina.

Plastic toy coin bank item and photo by RogueValleyVintage. 

Hard plastic tray with mottled design and raised floral motif from Retro Chalet.

Retro plastic cannisters by Zoeken , of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Upcycled plastic button ring displayed on Barbie Doll Leg, Retro Chalet Studio
Plastic vintage bangle (and photo)  by Rage of the Age.
Vintage Eames style booster chair from Louisiana, photo and item by TheVintageRugby
Plastic Poker Chip Wearable Pendant, RetroChaletStudio, Maine.
Vintage clock sides are cream plastic, photo and item by Retro4U
Vintage plastic sequins, photo and item from Israel , courtesy of  Oritdotan.
Red Dansk Tray, photo and item by SwitchBladeandCookie, from Boston.


  1. Thanks lots for featuring my vintage sequins

  2. Ira could you talk a little about how to clean melmac/texasware? I have a set of those canisters similar to the ones above and I bought them from a resale shop. They had stickers and marker all over them. My husband suggested goof off. Big mistake, I wiped the word Coffee right off the front of the canister. Bummer!


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