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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Zak Designs New Melamine Confetti Bowls Product Review by Ira Mency

Zak! Designs gets a 94% Satisfaction Rating 

Zak Designs Confetti Assorted Brights Mixing Bowls, Set of 4 by Zak Designs Zak Designs Confetti Assorted Brights Mixing Bowls, Set of 4
I'm a vintage melmac collector who HATES new melamine.  Being a greenie I loathe the idea of new melamine being produced today. Here I am with a  blog that promotes buying vintage melamine to keep those items out of the landfill.  I purchased a set of these Zak bowls for the sole purpose of reviewing them with an open mind.  I was certain I would find them unworthy.  NOT SO!


After studying melmac and melamine production for over 25 years, I could not understand how Zak Designs could have found a way to mold actual BITS or SHARDS of recycled melmac in the bowls themselves and have them hold up. I thought this was absurd aka (in thermoset talk = hogwash.) Upon arrival, I was stunned.  They really were doing it, and making the bowls functional.

Much to my own disbelief after careful product review and rating in five areas including Pricing/Value, Shipping, Design, Eco-Green-Recycling, and Quality, I gave these bowls a 94% satisfaction rating and would indeed recommend them to a friend. Believe me, I'm shocked but I must commend them on their design and care for the environment. Other manufacturers may not be as worthy. In a cheesy video, I've explained why and how I obtained this rating,

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