Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blue Mystery Melmac Melamine Dinnerware Set and More tres' bleuuuuuu Plastic Etsy Finds

Sometimes, even after all these years of collecting melamine and plastics, I see something I can't identify. Take for instance this set, which is a real steal for only $18 from OldSuprises Etsy shop in Chino.   I love the space age curl on the handles of the sugar bowl, and the Jetsons styling of the cup handles.  OH SO RETRO!

The "smooth" styling of the bowls and platter make this ultra functional for any party or picnic event. I can just imagine how popcorn would look in these bowls -- a designer's dream.   Good design and retro styling make this set a real steal.  The seller noticed different numbers on the bases but no maker's mark.  These are most likely numbers assigned to the different pieces or stock numbers on the molds ie: 700 the cup, 707 the salad (thanks to Robin Ptacek who taught me that) So your guess is as good as mine as to who made this, but with this cool price and color, this won't be lasting long.

Like that? Might I suggest:


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I'm crying because I want all these wonderful items and am putting this on my RetroChalet blog to feature some of the great Etsy offerings.

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