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Friday, April 8, 2011

Russel Wright Residential Melamine Melmac Dinnerware Piece List

Residential Pieces Produced
Key = * not produced in all colors due to redesign  
#rare or hard to find piece
# # considered very rare piece, not very common anymore,$$ more!

Pony Tail Handled Cup* #


Loop Coffee Cup 

Photo Courtesy of BaerBaer
Bread Plate
Salad Plate # harder to find 

Bread, on top salad, on top dinner plates by Modalabode!

Dinner Plate

Dinner plates located at Modalabode

Divided Vegetable Server

Fruit Bowl aka Veggie Bowl # #

Cereal Onion Soup Bowl (doubled as early sugar bowl with lid)
Lid to Onion Soup # # often mistaken for a spoon holder!

Casserole Below Consists of Two Pieces:

Open Casserole Cover (not as deep, no signature) # #

Open Casserole Base (deeper, contains signature)

Serving Platter

Courtesy of Flibbawhat

Coupe Sugar Bowl
 Lid # # tends to fall off

This is the home decorators color, and photo will be replaced as soon as I get a new one.
Small Tumbler (doubled as sugar bowl)
Strange Pinched Lid (unsure if Wright design) # #
Large Tumbler  # 

Strange Dip - a - Trays   

Dip-A-Tray * Unsure if this is a Wright Design, sold by Northern as a go-with, I have found mostly in "end of day" confetti's unmarked. #  Very similiar to ashtrays once made in Brooklyn, NY

FACT: Suprisingly, most pieces in Residential are still easy to find, except certain colors such as Brown (Copper Penny) , Black (Black Velvet) and White Speckled (Granite White) will bring twice to three times the value due to rare color.  Refer to Color Chart.

Other Findings: Redesigned Cereal bowls & Round Plates sold by Northern are not Wright designs but were found in sets of Mottled After-Contract colors. Not shown here. 


  1. What is the color name of the divided vegetable dish that you have shown in the RW Residential Piece Guide? I couldn't find the color guide. I have the sugar bowl in this color and am looking for the creamer and other pieces. Just not sure of the color name.

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