Monday, June 27, 2011

Injection Molded Vending Toy Machine Capsules and Cardinal Plastics - How I Love Thee

Capsules from some mini football helmets, they used to be a quarter, now you must pay 50 cents or more for one of these type premiums.
It's those things we see in everyday life that we take for granted in the wide world of plastics technology. How often have you as a child or your kids put money into a gumball style toy machine hoping to get a toy capsule that you love?
Back in my day, I spent all my money trying for a pink once of these. Buy 'em at HeyYoYo.

Pick a winner.
It's these little works of art we take for granted and overlook. I rank them in the same catergory with the plastic Easter Eggs, the little egg shaped capsules that you see with candy in them! Little plastic works of art!

These available from MeanGlean on Etsy.

Hey Kids!  Look at all the pretty colors!  A great marketing technique to get kids to have to have them!  Who cares what's in them!
I was in shock however to read, that a local company by me produces such Gumball Machine Capsules.  Imagine a real live plastics factory right down the road!

  Cardinal Plastics, Inc., founded in 1989, is a full service custom injection molder of thermoplastic materials.  

Just like in the olden days of melmac factories and 1950's plastic production companies, this factory runs 24 hours to keep up with the demands of the market.  They make the same capsules I'm talking about here, to the tune of 


Their products website, (Cardinal Distributing) carries vending machines, capsules and the plastic toys that go in them at wholesale prices. So it seems I can launch my own vending machine business for under $300 (that's buying a machine at $130, and filling it with toy capsules) and start making a killing off selling little toys to kids.    They are located on Erdman Avenue in Baltimore, and their contact number is 1-800-368-2062 just in case you should be doing this yourself. 

I'd love to see those capsules being made!

In the meantime, I'll stick to vintage plastics. 


  1. Novelty and Carnival prizes too!

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