Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mushroom Melmac Meets Joey the Bear....Beat Up Creations

Courtesy: BeatUpCreations
I am a huge fan of Angela Rossi's work, she makes sculpture, but also altered art plates in her Beat Up Creations studio. The plates are just wonderful works of art to hang on the wall.   
This is one of the off-brand designs of Sears' Merry Mushroom--with Joey the Bear on it.
The subject of discussion is this Sears Roebuck lookalike of the Merry Mushroom pattern melmac plate (most likely made by an off brand company trying to jump on the mushroom craze bandwagon.) I think it's safe to say, the plate didn't know what on earth hit it when Joey the bear decided to use it for his First Grade photo! It is truly an ephiany in the art world....(by the looks of his shirt, he may have been a class behind me!) 
Joey the Bear: From 1st Grade to Hall of Shame!
Alas, here at Melmac Central where all plastic is loved and adored, it's just plain wrong.  From Mushrooms to Mayhem we have to say bad , bad Joey! Hands off the melmac! Then again, who am I to argue with a bear? 

To see more of Angela's work click here.

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