Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to Start a Vintage Melmac Dish Collection In Three Easy Steps

Wayward Vintage offers these great finds in a huge lot!
Starting a melmac collection can be easy as 1-2-3.  Melmac dish collecting can be a fun and functional hobby.  Overall inexpensive to start, you can grow your collection over time and tailor it to fit your needs.  Melmac dishes are great in your retro home!  Although you can't microwave them or subject them to extreme heat (like on a stove), you can certainly serve sandwiches, snacks, treats, cake and bbq items on them!
These available at InMyIgloo.
Step One:   Decide your color palette and preferences.   Are you open to multi color sets, or trying to collect a certain hue? Perhaps you have a black and stainless kitchen and you may want to have a rainbow set to brighten it up! If you have a red and yellow kitchen, you may choose to go with yellow dishes only, or throw only "lime green" in for a touch of uniqueness.  Decide if you are open to mixing and matching dishes from different makers, or if you only want a complete set by one maker. Get a game plan, and start shopping.

Juniper Lodge has these great rainbow cups for sale from various makers.
Step Two:   Start Shopping.  Melmac dishes can still be found at thrift stores, garage sales, online auction sites and antique shops, but by far in my opinion the best place to find great melamine vintage dinnerware is on Etsy.  Etsians just seem to have the best taste in color choices, superb condition selection and shopping there is always a pleasure.  Shop until you see something you like, and start picking up pieces (or if you are lucky enough full sets) to suit your needs.  Find Melmac on Etsy by clicking here.  
Boontonware vintage grill plates in melamine offered at RetroChalet.

Step Three:   Maintain and Clean Your Collection.  You may pick up a set of melmac and see some pieces in less than favorable condition. They may have deep dark gouges, dirt, stain, or scratches. Don't despair, some of these imperfections may be rectified!  Read my article on Care and Cleaning of Melmac Dishes for my top secret cleaning tips. 

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