Saturday, October 8, 2011

Plastic Sock Darners, String Holders, Sewing Collectibles

Funky Mushroom Sock Darner, a steal at $11 from TheSheepandI on Etsy. 

Plastic sewing collectibles are a fantastic part of plastic's past.  Old sock darners, string holders and more were made of early plastics, sometimes even Bakelite.  They are extremely collectible today among plastics lovers and sewing  connoisseurs alike! Perhaps one of my favorites is the "mushroom" looking sock darners such as these.

Katrina's Wool World has this great pink and back darner, a rare find, $32.50.

Funky Mushroom Sock Darner, a steal at $11 from TheSheepandI on Etsy.
The string and yarn holders, were in a league of their own.  Often fancy and decorative, they were made from various plastics such as lucite, polystyrene, melamine , and Bakelite.  Holding wool, yarn, or string these fancy little items found their way into every sewing buff's home.  Over time, some of the plastics would become brittle and break, so finding them in good condition proves harder and harder. Perhaps this is what makes them so desirable.

Early plastic sock darner, most you see in this style are wood. This one, TheSheepandI, $11

Lovely Lucite string holder by Homer, with Kitties on the top, at Katrina's Wool World, $44. 

Dainty "unbreakable" Wool Holder, $35, from Katrina's Wool World

Gorgeous Bakelite string holder, looks military, doesn't it? $55 at Katrina's Wool World!
Unknown funky yarn holder, $32.00 Katrina's Wool World.
Katrina's Wool World has a variety of Bakelite Beehive Yarn Holders, Most $66-$69.
White yarn/wool holder, Katrina's Wool World, $75.

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