Monday, December 26, 2011

Winner Melmac Dinnerware Contest

It was great fun seeing how many entries I received in the Melmac Giveaway!  I am so glad one lucky winner gets this way cool strawberry picnic set!  So today with my husband's assistance we wrote down all the entries, there were plenty of them! Three pages to be exact!

After cutting them out we folded them into our favorite Zak Designs melmac mixing bowl!  You can see how much I love my Zak Designs bowls by reading my post here--gave them a 94% satisfaction rating too!  They've really held up great!
Now it was time to stir them up a bit.  I had to break out my melmac salad "spork" to do such a thing. Picked this up somewhere along the way, maybe Ikea or Target, I'm not really sure.

Then I made my hubby Wayne draw a name!

Congrats to Stephanie who I'll be contacting real soon! I just want to add how ironic it was that Stephanie entered on Christmas Day , one of our last entrants, and even after fully mixing it up, she was our winner!  Just goes to show you Santa is real!
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For the rest of you, stay tuned on my sister site, Vintage Chalet as I'll be giving away a lovely Italian jewelry box for Valentine's Day, that contest should be up by the first week in January!

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