Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fantastic Plastics T-Shirt: Melamine Dinnerware Love

Perhaps you've seen the T-shirt icon on the left hand side of the blog! This wonderful and comfy t-shirt was sent to me by wonderful PlasticLiving researcher Christopher McPherson. It was designed by wonderful artist and designer Matt Hinrichs, (of
It playfully says, "Ask me about Plastics!" This is perfect for any melmac , plastic or melamine collector..... just ask them about their prized collection and listen to 'em rave!  Not to mention, this looks an awful lot like......Watertown Lifetime Ware!  (Which you don't hear me talk of that much, since Plastic Living has it covered!!)  You can get them here retail $19.99.

I had fun with this shirt!
Too much fun maybe? This is a two tone newer melmac bowl I found at the thrift store recently.

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