Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Old Plastic Signs Find Homes Again

Old apartment sign, from vintagesweaters1 on Etsy.

Vintage plastics that are extremely collectible like bakelite jewelry, melamine dinnerware, kitchenwares, or old radios are a given, but what about the items we don't give much thought to?  You know the ones...we don't stop to think much about, or take for granted every day?  If you stop what you are doing right now and look around to see how much plastic (or forms thereof) are really around us. Are your keyboard buttons on your computer plastic? What about your cellphone cover?  Your slipper or shoe soles? Your cable remote ? The door to your microwave?  A connector on your pet's collar? Your child's toys? The flat on your mailbox? The mud flaps on your truck or bumper on your car? Here today, gone tomorrow, what will be vintage in fifty years?
vintage plastic sign numbers
Old plastic sign numbers from Chomp Monster on Etsy, surely they have a use for something!

The goal is to keep these old plastics out of the landfills and find a use for them.  There's a whole bunch of crafters and artists who would love to get their hands on the old sign letters above, for use in artwork and scrapbooking. A new hip trend is merging them into your design and decor.
 I wish I had this in my Italian Kitchen, it is the equivalent of "Pizza Pieces" found at hlalalebrocantage on Etsy! In fact, if you look hard enough you can really vintage-tize your home by shopping for old plastic store signs, or parts thereof.  Nothing like making a statement with a giant plastic letter!   I was writing this post and literally bought two of these giant blue letters (below). Not only will they look great in my home as a statement but husband will be perplexed by them so it makes it all worthwhile.  Dare to be different.

These gorgeous blue big letter signage ($26 each) at vinagecollectorlover on Etsy are a must have to make a statement. The signs are metal cased but the plastic makes them pop. Would love to sit on next to my vintage glove mold for a modern look!  You can even decorate other rooms in the home. Hey, what about this on your bathroom?
  MojeArt on Etsy offers this sign. Reminds me of something you would have seen in an old diner.

Lately I've seen a lot of people selling old gas station signs. Think of how many gas stations there are and how many giant plastic numbers that are floating around out there. Surely you could find something do with them?  They really look good if placed properly. 
 This great numeral from a gas station is rigid plastic and found at simplychi on Etsy.

The bottom line is dare to be different and merge a little plastic into your life. You won't be sorry. Signs are the new trend, and they don't always have to be wood or metal.

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