Monday, March 19, 2012

Eco Friendly Plastic Bags Reduce Carbon Footprints

plastic bag
This Plastic Dog Poop Bag Melts Down into NOTHINGNESS.
The plastics I write about here on Melmac Central are all vintage plastics. The reason I write about them is to increase awareness in the beauty of vintage plastics. If you love them as much as I do, you can find a place for them in your home and maybe not throw them into a landfill.   I give tips on how to clean up old melmac dishes and melamine dinnerware, so they will be useful and collectible in your home.  Truth is, I'm very much a recycle freak and into the environment.

Today I was thinking, if we look at our life and the amount of plastics in it today, how can we reduce the plastics we  50 years from now so our kids and grandkids aren't writing a blog like mine wearing hazmat suits and hating us?

Simple! Check out these cool green tips and alternatives I found.   (I plan to add more reviews when I find them, and start a whole section on Plastic Footprint Reduction. )

Plastic Shopping and Food Bags- Everything from bread bags to clothing shop bags, these retail bags use an additive to shorten their lifespan and break them down within 3 years or less in landfills.   See writeup on the biodegradable bags here, or visit the biodegradable packaging company for  website.
Plastic Photo

Dog Poop Bags - I have three dogs and know how I try to be a responsible pet owner when we take walks and pick up their poo, but always feel guilty using a regular plastic bag.  I have to admit there have been more times than one I tugged on the little guy's neck to poop in my own yard because I didn't want to have to use a plastic bag. Now I can feel better by using dog poop bags that compost down into nothingness! They are made of corn and for only a few cents each. What's not to love?  Read the review on Etsy Recyclers Guild, and visit the company website for these great biodegradable dog poop bags here.
Plastic Tote
Yes, it's plastic, but will outlast those cheapie grocery store bags and help you shop more responsibly!

EnviroBottles Promotional Products - This company offers products that are tailored to reduce the carbon footprint when you are buying promotional products for your small business or large company. A refillable steel water bottle sure beats a plastic giveaway. Plastic style pens made of recycled paper are an eco friendly office premium.  A tote made of recycled plastics to carry groceries in sure beats using cheapie store plastic bags (happy to say plastic bags are getting banned in some states.)  See a review here and visit the cmopany website at EnviroBottles Promotional Items.

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