Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guide to Brookpark Melmac Plastic Glasses has given us a great guide to glass sizes put out by Brookpark!
Remember going into all you can eat buffets (hey, some still use them) and seeing these glas-tic cups? You know, the ones that resemble glass but are high quality plastic? GLASTIC!  Brookpark, Boonton, and Texas Ware among others made them. I found this great set for sale over in ValsUnique Etsy shop, and thanks to her we now have a complete guide as to what cups Brookpark actually made.

4 ounce short little juice tumblers. Photos:

The four ouncers would be juice glasses no doubt. How cute and little. These glasses have a frosted or textured appearance and aren't actually melmac but a heavy thermo plastic mix.  Now Brookpark melmac was all designed by Joan Luntz, so I am not sure if she fashioned these super cool goblets or not:

from valsunique etsy shop!
Now ValsUnique does mention one of the cups are chipped and this is not uncommon, in fact the heavy duty Boontonware cups I have are all chipped. For whatever reason these cups were prone to nicks and chips, and a lot of time got stress cracks in the plastic themselves.

Truth be told I found some just like this in an old Boontonware factory flier. So I believe  although some were designed to be commercially sold, the high temperatures of commercial dishwashers made the plastic become brittle over time and prone to chipping, cracking and stress cracks.

So we have:
4 oz juice tumblers
12 oz tea tumblers
12 oz goblets
and what else may we find?

This WHOLE set is only $45 at ValsUnique etsy shop so you should go nab it up fast!
I think this is a great price considering these are hard to find!
To a collector assembling a set like this would be very difficult.

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