Wednesday, September 5, 2012

German Plastic Involvement Plastipedia

East German Brooch
Vintage Brooch: Made in East Germany, found at Etsy Shop RetourDesCourtisanes in Berlin, Germany.
Germany's Contributions to Plastics

Although we mainly talk about American made melamine dinnerware and plastics, and have touched on some Canadian, British, and Danish, or Italian plastics we don't talk much about the German Plastics. It's important to know that worldwide, contributions to plastics were being made by German companies and this is crucial in plastics history.   For instance,  according to Plastipedia, as early as 1899  a company of Krische and Spittler in Germany were awarded the patent for Casein Plastic from milk.   The Plastipedia goes on to indicate inventions in 1935 by Troester in Germany produced the first extruder designed for thermoplastics. Later in 1937 came the first commercial production of polystyrene by IG Farben, Germany.  You can read more on their website, but clearly one can summarize that the world had many great chemists, scientists, and members of the plastics society working together (albeit independently) to move the world forward in plastics inventions.
german emsa coffee pot plastic
On Etsy, Fabulous Etsy EMSA Coffee Pot by Kchoos

One of the best modern plastics made in Germany is by EMSA.  They have made the cutest, space age, atomic designs I've ever seen. Collectors should know these items are collectible, and can be pricey.

Fun German Fact

There is something called Old German Handwriting!  A well known graphic designer, Ludwig Sütterlin, came up with this form of  handwriting. Truth is, this old language is so old and archaic, (sometimes just referred to as Sutterlin), that a special website does nothing but specialize in the Translation of German Handwriting .  That just goes to show that Germany has much to offer in the way of art, history, and design secrets.

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