Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vintage Plastic Pens Antique Pens Value

Vintage Pens
PastPens features the rare, extremely collectible vintage pens and knows all about them.
All day long I can talk about the value of a plastic melmac dish, but I rarely stop to think how valuable other plastic items are. Of course there are the obvious, like bakelite clocks or jewelry, but far be it for me to think of a mottled plastic key chain or key fob's net worth. So, enter in the fountain pen or antique pen of yesterday,  Imagine my surprise when I found out how collectible and stunningly gorgeous some pens were.  Back in the day, a good pen was a symbol of prestige. Now, some pens are worth to collectors excess of $1000 dollars no questions asked!  PastPens is a collectible site dedicated to the sale of vintage pens - but offers all kind of historic information about the manufacturers who made them.
vintage plastic pens
This image is being used courtesy of PastPens

You will find names like Burnham, Conklin, Conway Stewart, Wahl Eversharp,  Swan Mabie Todd, Parker, Sheaffer, and Waterman, many dating back to the late 1800's.  Some ultra rare and definately worth a looksee.  This wonderful resource was founded by Dr. Cathay Yeung in the UK.  This wonderful love for pens is shown here and it's a wonderful resource for collectors of fountain pens or old pens!

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