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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cooper Hewitt Belle Kogan Boontonware Melmac Blueprints @cooperhewitt

Etsy shop wife of whimsey has this boonton melamine creamer
The real Belle Kogan creamer post design, Find it at WifeofWhimsy on Etsy.
Hey, this is interesting! If you like Boontonware melmac or Boonton melamine,you can now see some of the original mock up blueprints of some of Belle Kogan's work for Boonton Molding Company .

Belle Kogan Collection has been acquired by Cooper Hewitt Museum
Cooper Hewitt Museum has great online designs for Boontonware by Belle Kogan. 
To protect their images, you must go there to see full sizes!

You can see different blueprints that she drew which would later turn into some of Boonton patterns.  Showcased are the Belle line and some later thinner patterns perhaps Patrician.... The above is a small sampling of the full size Belle Kogan production blueprint. The one above says it is from 1953, however I want to explain this is not pre-design. This is a revision to the original design

Often times manufactuers would have to change a slant, a specification or something that maybe was causing an issue molding.  So it's safe to say this creamer was indeed in production priot to 1953.  I do think I've seen subtle changes to the nose or pouring spout, the mold line is more or less prominent on some examples.

Glad to see Cooper Hewitt is taking notice!

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