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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Vintage Color-Flyte Melmac Dinnerware Ads

1950's Ad for Color-Flyte by Branchell was found on Etsy at thevintageshop
Kaye Lamoyne was the designer on Branchell's melamine lines, shown here Color-Flyte and Royale. Both similar in design but different colors kept the lines distinguishable. The ad above shows how you could sign up and get items for only $1!  Below, the elegance of Royale by Branchell is showcased, with the hard-to-find silverware.

Hard to find silverware is shown in this ad on Etsy's thevintageshop.

Branchell Melamine Dinnerware
The Elegance of Branchell! This stack a mixed bag $35 at LisasRetroStyle2

For more information on this company, visit Dennis' great history site here: 


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  2. I have a complete set of the orange ones. including butter dish, sugar and creamer. can you tell me what it is worth?