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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Cadence by Prolon : From 1956 to Now

Cadence by Prolon:

Cadence by Prolon on Etsy RetroChalet
VINTAGE Cadence by Prolon on Etsy RetroChalet 19 Plates $34

Cadence (one of the lines, sounds similar to their other line Florence) was found early in Life Magazines, like this ad I found from 1956 ... says:  Cadence" and "Florence" by Prolon are products of: Proton Division Pro-phy-lac-tic Brush Company Florence, Mass."   Perhaps if interested, you will jump over to my history of the ProPhylactic Brush Company and find out how these wonderful dishes started.....................but now back to Cadence.

Many articles in my research indicate the release of Cadence for institutions, restaurants, hospitals, and schools. It was widely promoted in melmac advertisements as far back as 1956, perhaps earlier but none the less the 1956 ad looks like these dishes are on the thinner side.  The Cadence above in the photo has some meat to it.  Cadence of today is also thinner.

Cadence Ad 1956

Cadence in Melmac Ads like this one featured in LIFE 1956

So how is it that Cadence still survives and is being made today? Technically Prolon is still around, having been acquired by Thermo-Serv in August of 2017.  A statement via press release issued by the company explained,  "DALLAS – Sept. 1, 2017 – New ThermoServ Ltd., a leading provider of domestically manufactured, innovative drink and dinnerware, today announced that it completed the acquisition of all assets of United States Dinnerware Inc.’s Prolon® Dinnerware on Aug. 25. (2017). 

I don't care who owns who, I for one am technically thrilled that a company of today has acquired and / or kept the age long tradition of plastic melmac dinnerware being made in the good old USA.  (Some of their items most definitely are.)

This is but one of the few, if not sole melamine companies who have "survived" the times. Now visible under, the Cadence line is still being made today , in America!

By the way, when first marketed, Cadence was referred to as "graceful coupe shapes."

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