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If you are looking to see how much your melmac is worth, read this post. MOBILE USERS: Scroll down below posts to find a searchable directory of plastics and antiques.


As of March 2022, I am taking sponsors. 

Melmac Central Stats and Facts, Scroll down for open rates and placement for sponsors.

  • Melmac Central is a niche blog in the art, design, hobbies, plastics, collectibles, and mid century modern field. It features history on melamine dinnerware, also talks about bakelite jewelry, old radios or anything plastic! It attracts those looking for more information on the value of their item.
  • It is a tenured blog from December 2010 and has several thousand organic visitors each month, with a high domain authority and lots of backlinks in from readers who love the blog! It has a direct site address which is accessible by and redirects to the secure site 

Get a Podcast Feature

Retro Chalet's Melmac Central blog has over a million visitors, we average 5300 views a month and growing. If you are looking to advertise there are a few options. 

1) You can buy a sponsor cube on the side bar for $200 a year.  If interested, contact me below. 

2) You can buy an in post sponsorship for $100 permanent, unless your site or link goes dead it will be considered a broken link and be removed, but then you wouldn't need it anyways~!  If interested, contact me below!

3) You can sponsor my podcast, with shoutouts, see below: 

This is for a mini commercial feature on 3 episodes of Podcast, any shop or product is eligible not just vintage. 

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Note as of 2022,  I am also in recording sessions for Paranormal Chalet Podcast, and Nature Chalet podcast. 

You can either choose to have your commercial appear in 3 episodes of Living a Vintage Life, or one on each podcast channel!

 This is a great way for me to talk about your product, shop or service on an upcoming episode.  This is a great way to be a podcast sponsor and also get a featured promotion on one of my future episodes.   By clicking on  the Buy Now link, it will take you to Paypal.  I will not only talk about your product and service / website in an upcoming 3 episodes, but also put your link in the show notes of the episode. If you have something specific you want me to say, I'd be happy to do it.  Please note this has to be a legal service.  Your money will be refunded if this is an illegal service.  Alcohol, drugs, or adult is prohibited.  You can text me at 410-908-9241 for more information.

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I also have Paranormal Chalet click here: 
Paranormal Chalet Podcast: Ghostly Investigations and Unexplained Happenings

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