Popular Melmac Manufacturers and Cleaning Tips

Here is a list of some of the most popular collected melmac dinnerware manufacturers and my top read posts listed alphabetically.

Boonton's Boontonware
Made in Boonton, New Jersey, East Coast

Made since 1946, Boontonware Melamine was by the mid 1950's producing 70,000 pieces of plastic per hour in their factory! From schools to boats to hospitals to your table, it was everywhere, and still is years later! Earlier lines were heavy and bulky, the way old melmac should be!  From commercial to popular residential lines including Boontonware Belle, and later the thinner Somerset and Patrician lines. Designed by Belle Kogan, this was one of three largest melamine factories on the East Coast. Rumors that some old molds are used today, exist.  The vintage line is still collected today.

Mallory Randall Corporation

This manufacturer not only sold melamine in the Mallo-ware, Mallo-Belle and Classic lines, but also had huge success with a insulated line of thermoware called Thermo-Temp Raffiaware.   Company history to me remains a bit elusive, but you can

Prolon Ware by Florence Manufacturing Company
Made in Florence, Massachusetts, East Coast  
Commercial lines still bring produced in Mississippi.

Prolon Ware by George Nelson  5gardenias on Etsy Prolon is loved for several reasons. It is among the longest produced melamine dinnerware in the United States of America used commercially in schools, hospitals, restaurants, cafeterias ans foodservice. It is still technically being produced in Mississippi from the commercial line molds.  Originally a sub division of the Prophylactic Brush Company, it's parent company has roots dating back to the late 1800's in Florence, Massachusetts making it a favorite of some collectors due to it's rich history. Enter the mid century mod residential designs from Irving Harper of George Nelson and Associates which make the vintage residential items from  this line very collectible.  Many people still collect Prolon today, it's mottled lunch trays are simply gorgeous. 


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