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If you love melmac and melamine, you will enjoy these resources:

Collecting Vintage Melmac Dinnerware  written by me on Hobby Lark.

Care and Cleaning of Melmac Dinnerware here on this blog 


Branchell - a website dedicated to designer Kaye LaMoyne and the history of Branchell Corporation by Dennis Teepe

Plastic Living - a website dedicated to Watertown Lifetime Ware as well as history on Navy plastics and early plastics by researcher Christopher McPherson

Modern Plastics Hawaii - a blog about Thermotemp, Mallory, and Marvel Ware reissues by Miss Kailani Nakanaela-Burke

Faplana - Appears to be vintage melamine made in another country 
produced today?  

Melmac Encyclopedia  an experimental site featuring a little of everything

Sorry, our Glossi Magazine is now out of print Melmac Magazine

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  1. Brian Salmon - chinook07@yahoo.comApril 22, 2018 at 12:07 PM

    You have a very enjoyable website. F.Y.I.- Your Branchell link is no longer active. As a comment, I collect Branchell's Color-Flyte dinnerware because that is what I used as a kid growing up in the '50s. That collection will eventually go to my grandson and granddaughter in about a dozen years when they hit their 20s. The pristine pieces I have boxed, so they currently use some of the better used pieces I've collected. With any luck, they will get that nostalgic feeling when they grow older and use their Color-Flyte just as I'm using mine now. My only wish before I die (in the distant future) is for sellers of Branchell's Color-Flyte and Royale dinnerware to educate themselves enough to make a distinction between the two lines. That is almost as bad as the ones who sell a $3 dinner plate and charge $15 shipping. Oh, the humor of it all.


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