Melmac Free Articles & Websites

If you love melmac and melamine, you will enjoy these resources:

Collecting Vintage Melmac Dinnerware  written by me on Hobby Lark.

Care and Cleaning of Melmac Dinnerware here on this blog 


Branchell - a website dedicated to designer Kaye LaMoyne and the history of Branchell Corporation by Dennis Teepe

Plastic Living - a website dedicated to Watertown Lifetime Ware as well as history on Navy plastics and early plastics by researcher Christopher McPherson

Modern Plastics Hawaii - a blog about Thermotemp, Mallory, and Marvel Ware reissues by Miss Kailani Nakanaela-Burke

Faplana - Appears to be vintage melamine made in another country 
produced today?  

Melmac Encyclopedia  an experimental site featuring a little of everything

Sorry, our Glossi Magazine is now out of print Melmac Magazine

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