Russel Wright Melmac and Melamine

Over the years I've compiled a lot of information on Russel Wright, as that's the brand I personally collect.  I went to Syecause, talked to people who tested the melamine, worked in the factories and chased down old leads. My goal was to write or make a book someday, but for now, here are the pages where you can find more of what you are looking for.  Each page will have a different subject, for instance you can read about Flair, or Russel Wright's time with Northern Melamine , or his work on Meladur. Elusive is Idealware and Shinko Shikki, the latter of which I do not personally collect but since it is a form of lacquerware hence some form of plastic I had to include it.

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Northern Industrial Chemical CompanyRussel Wright Residential MelamineRussel Wright Flair Melamine

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