Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boontonware Melmac Dinnerware and Melmac LIVES says Matthew Huisman....read this

Boontonware + Good Design = Melmac Love. 
Boontonware Melmac
Good Design obvious at the DollyP shop on Etsy, full of cool Boontonware.
So after I took my Boonton, NJ Tour a few years back after my friend Derek Schultz passed away. His records stopped when Boontonware was being distributed by "English and English" in Boonton, NJ... I really wondered what ever happened to all the wonderful dish molds, where did they go? To the scrap yard?  To the recycling plant?  So sad.....or so I thought.   

Then along came Matthew Huisman for the Star-Ledger with this great article that says Boontonware is alive and well.....and molded in OHIO....what the heck?

In the meantime, you can read more about Boontonware by visiting my factory tour:  http://retrochalet.blogspot.com/2014/01/boonton-melmac-factory-tour-stop-one.html
and seeing these great examples of boontonware!

Boontonware Butter dishes
Boontonware Butter Dishes, Etsy shop RetroChalet

Boontonware in Jadite Green
Jadeite Bootonware.  Pic: Etsy shop RetroChalet

Glasstic Boontonware Tumblers
Boonton tumblers made in "glass tic"  plastic to look like glass. Etsy shop: Retrochalet

read more about these tumblers here on this boontonware melmac post on my blog 

quality assurance checked 9.30.16

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