Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can't Believe It's Plastic Fantastic : Good Modern Design and More Etsy Finds by Reto Chalet

I can't believe these things are plastic! Some of these made me do a double take, or maybe I just need glasses.  Perhaps it's the fact I'm used to assuming something is made out of a certain material, so when I find it in plastic, I just think, "How fantastic!"  Enjoy!

Green Plastic Flower Frog by RollingHillsVintage on Etsy ($7.50 what a bargain!)
From TheDancingWren comes a set of pretty red ribbed candle holders, so modern in design!
 At first glance these little deer looked ceramic and chippy, I thought made in Japan, but nope, plastic from mightyfinds!

Plastic that looks like depression glass?  "Glastic" bowl by Vintage Hillbilly $3.33, cracked.
This cute purse looks like fabric w/lace from nickandnessies is "encased in plastic" 
which is so cool, like my late great-grandmother who covered every living thing in her 
home with plastic covering! (Bless her soul)

I thought this Oriental carving was jade or rock, but no, it's RESIN plastic fantastic by penorus

 This "Olympic style torch" wall Sconce made me look twice, but yep, it's Syroco Plastic by Planet Trout

Sometimes you think you see refrigerator ware in heavy ceramic, but NOPE, this baby's plastic by DimeStoreVintage.
I thoguht this was one of those shabby metal letters, but it's plastic fantasic.  R is for Rocking BlueBellBazaar
Just when I thought it was a ceramic figurine, (those kind you used to get "glued" to cardboard and you could build a collection.....I find it's plastic. World's Smallest Beagle 
under an inch long at RetroChalet!

Just when you think it's another vintage metal typewriter think again..... and check this 
Red Olivetti Dora Typewriter by nerdnest!
Powder blue bangle circa 40's looks like glass or carving, but instead it's plastic from VintagePoint


  1. Thanks for the feature! Love the retro blue pitcher! It's Plastic Fantastic!!

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