Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Allied Chemical Melamine : Melmac Gone But Not Forgotten With a Few Pretty Surprises

Allied and Avocado Green are like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Dishes from ricracandbuttons
Some of the most hideous Melmac came from Allied Chemical, (Allied Chemical Corporation) and I can't say I'm a fan. Most of my finds led me to believe a lot of their production was done in the sixties. You will often see ugly browns, avocado greens, golds paired with something that would have been in Mom's kitchen.  Yuck.  Most are thin and cheaply made dishes versus the thicker, heavier, quality weight dinnerware and bright funky colors of the fab 1950's.

Backstamp photographed by Corr Nucopia

What also bothered me is their "two-timing and double-dipping."  Allied was one of the big manufacturers of "melamine crystals" (competing with American Cyanamid).  This makes me wonder, why even worry about putting out crappily made dish sets if you are doing just fine selling the powder?  Why sell crystals and be a molder?  I don't know,  I'll leave that to the experts to figure out.  I was however shocked to find out that Georges Briard was a designer there for many years. I wonder if he designed it all, or just the cool ones?

Once in awhile, Allied will really surprise me, offering prettier finds than I'd expect to find. Here are a few:

Pretty two tone pitcher and cups with dainty handle styling say art deco meets classy by Allied Chemical as offered by JetSetVintage.
These pretty plates offered by VintageGoodies say that designer was Georges Briard. I love this pattern and have never seen it before yet is certainly to be commended for beauty!  Note, I did confirrn Briard was a partner with Phillip Stetson in new Jersey, and designed for both Stetson and Allied Chemical.  Source: here 

Then for once we have "limey" green at RetroChalet versus the regular avocado. Perhaps a "touch" of hipness thanks to Briard.

I am a fan of the sugar bowl design. The handle is dainty.  This set is only $5.99 at OMan77. What a deal.

I guess I can develop some love for a 'touch of the avocado" as these mottled spatterware plates are kind of growing on me.  These offered by cushionchicago

Corr Nucopia's fifties blue creamer and sugar set, nice styling on these.

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  1. Those pink Georges Briard plates are amazing.
    Love this blog. So colorful and happy.


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