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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Melmac or Melamine Dinnerware Identification Services : Mr. Melmac

What a great idea! This retired professor Robin Thorne, is identify tons of melmac at only $2 a pop. 

A lot of people with plastic dishes may think they are worthless. Chances are they may jump on ebay and see their plastic dish set selling for $9.99, when in actuality it may be a rare pattern if listed correctly and could bring them much more. 

A mere $2 doesn't buy you much these days but it may buy you the difference between "a plastic dish with fish on it" and a rare Watertown Gulfstream pattern which if listed correctly can bring you top dollar with collectors. 
Wait, is that a rare Meladur pink divided bowl?  Dishes by VntageJewelryNmore

So why is Thorne only asking a few bucks? Just like most retirees he's trying to supplement his income and enjoys talking plastic.  He is working on a book with all different lines of melmac and knows this stuff like the back of his hand. If you ask me, he's a walking encyclopedia.

Although some collectors of melmac may be upset that this may drive the prices higher, I for one would be happy just to find pieces to finish some of my lines.  When they are incorrectly labeled it makes it impossible to find those fill in pieces!

I get a lot of mail from people asking me to identify their stash, but if it isn't Russel Wright I don't know what it is half the time.  So from now on, I will refer to to Mr. Melmac.  You may contact him though the blog page I set up for him, or directly at qazsunny@yahoo.com

"Thumbs up" to Mr. Melmac for doing such a thing.

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