Sunday, February 27, 2011

Plastic Toys Vintage Memories , Artful Wee Things to Collect for the Mini Curio

 Small Train or Trolley Collection $4.25  from SpillingOut

I love fantastic plastic toys from days gone by. Those cheesy molded plastic carnival toys or dimestore finds of yesterday are now sought after by collectors. There's a huge market for cars,trucks, molded plastic dolls, vintage toy playsets and more.  Some plastic toys are an artful aesthetic that one can appreciate. Often one wants to collect something but doesn't have the room, or the extra cash.  Here are inexpensive mini instant collections can be had, most under $10, but all under $25.  They are quite impressive ideas to fill a mini-curio.

Five retro neon miniature suitcases from HeyYoYo, $1.95

28 Vintage Little Plastic Cars, Trucks $13 from SpillingOut

Miniature Food Cans - 24 pcs for $15 from CoveTableCuriosities
Mini doll purse collection, $10 from SinderellasAttic

Vintage Dollhouse Suite a steal at $8 by LRobinson
My Favorite: 

Wee Miniature Accessories, Hard to Find Barbie Collection $22.95, DebCopl

Where else can you assemble a cool vintage camera, radio, princess phone and record player collection for under $25?  Only in plastic-land!


  1. I just adore all the vintage pieces featured above & I'm actually familiar with a few of the Etsy sellers :)
    The Pretty Peanut

  2. Toy playhouses are enjoyed by children all over the country. They provide a place for children to have a lot of fun. Most playhouses are made from plastic and come as kits that must be assembled. They usually have pieces of little plastic cars, trucks,miniature accessories,mini doll purse collection,small train or trolley collection are best for children.


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