Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hollywood Bakelite and Catalin Style : Mad Men Modern Movie Props and More For the Serious Collector

Available from MadMenModern

I'm not a big Bakelite junkie, but I do have to give credit where credit is due. Bakelite and phenolic resins are the precursor to the wonderful world of plastics as we know it.  This item, an original store display for "Tattoo Cosmetics" is available from MadMenModern of North Hollywood, California for $945.69 starting bid. The sphere is Catalin, the base is Bakelite, and it art deco Hollywood looking! 
This Catalin phone is another great find in their store, for starting bid of $1094.69

It's no wonder it's coming from  Mad Men Modern, who have acquired Furniture, Lighting and hand props from All the major studios ; Paramount Pictures, MGM, Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox, and most of the TV shows are selling these rare finds.  In their shop you will find very rare modern furniture, decor, jewelry, OOAK movie props, and hard to find art deco items.  If they didn't come from movie sets or stages, you can be certain they came from Hollywood estates....

This Art Deco Telechron Bakelite Clock is available for under $200.

The store is definately worth a look-see, even if you are forced to window-shop only and wish for the winning lottery number so you can buy it all.  For serious collectors, it may behoove you to save for that one rarity in pristine shape from these guys.   There are good deals at prices one can afford, such as the clock above, which would serve as a wonderful gift to the serious clock collector.  Take a walk down Hollywood Lane....HERE!

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