Friday, February 18, 2011

Vintage Goodies Etsy Shop Loaded With Melmac and TexasWare

Vintage Goodies, how I adore thee!
These saucers she has are pretty hard to find, I think they could be called Fantasy...

Lisa Price has a real eye for cool melmac, in fact, her Etsy shop Vintage Goodies has proof of that.  She's from Grand Rapids, MI and opened her Etsy shop in 2006.  She lists her new plastic and melamine finds under the "Melmac Attack" section.  It's definitely worth a look-see....her prices are fair and good bargains are waiting to be had!  Here's some previews of what you may find!

Just lovely..

I was shocked to see Purple Texas ware style bowls in her shop.  This is a Texas Ware Design.
I was astonished to see so much Texasware Purple stocked, because normally the only "purple" I see is the Marcrest/Royalon Corsage Patten (see it here.)  The good thing about Lisa's shop, is you can buy a few pieces here and there to build your set, and assemble it over time! This is a more affordable option than investing in a whole set at once.  Plus, if you only need the plates, or mugs, you've come to the right place.

I love solid purple melmac!

Lisa explains, "I just LOVE a good estate sale. I love to reuse things from the past because they are made so much better than things today, and they are much more interesting. From the color to the design they evoke a feeling and often a story. I am particularly fond of items from the 1950s and focus on 40s-60s wares in my shop."

A sweet little set of cups and saucers. Love the styling on these handles!

Lisa's shop has more than just melmac, in fact, it's cool of all kinds of great linens, textiles, aprons, kitchenalia, mod things and more!  She explains, "These finds already have a story to tell, and I think it is amazing to walk into someone's life and see what books they read and what clothes they wore. I am offering things that I like but either don't quite fit my decor or I just know is a good find."

Her retro style block printed towels are a must have as a melmac-go with. What great gift ideas!

She has a second shop, Art Goodies, which has block-printed towels, great for any vintage kitchen or baking diva! The designs here are amazing.  They are cute, stylish, and the best part, handmade with love!   Nothing like adding this:


Beautiful Boontonware.

So I wonder, why the love of vintage?  Lisa says, Vintage is also a way of shopping green. Use something fun and interesting from the past, it creates a unique and fun look while being nice to the environment! :)"    Kudos to you Lisa, ding ding, I'm adding your shop to the sidebar, YOU ROCK! 

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