Friday, March 11, 2011

Calling Out the Town of Story, Iowa: What is Your Malfunction? Slaps a Fire Victim with a Citation! The Phone is Fake but the Story is Real!

Update:I raised $1462.05 from this site plus the Etsy Recyclers Guild site for this man I didn't even know.

I'm getting on my Pretty Pink Plastic Phone and dialing the City of Story, Iowa.

Bought this pink plastic phone from AuntLettuce, it was made by "The Steel Stamping Co. Lorain, OH".
Oscar Wilde once said, "Morality, like Art, means drawing a line someplace."  So today I started my campaign to help a man I don't know because his story touched me.  His name, Ron Craig.  He is 54 years old, and lives on a farm in the town of Story, Iowa. It is two miles outside of Ames, Iowa, (one of the most prestigious towns they say..)   He used to work for 3M, has four horses and stray cats. He lost his job due to the recession, but worked odd jobs and some work for the Census to make ends meet.  When juggling bills, he didn't pay his homeowner's insurance. Then in August, 2010, he watched his whole life go up in flames. 

See the full video of Ron's home HERE.   So is the story originally shared from Marie a week ago. (WearTheHeartIs) who tried to help Ron. She cared. She called local churches in Story after this house fire and told them the story and the town officials to see what they could do.  The churches never responded, but the town "officials" came out, to look around. Ron's farm has farm clutter and debris like some old timer's do.  On the land was a mobile home/RV from 1973, which had been sitting unused for some time.  Instead of helping, the town of Story slapped a citation on Ron asking him to remove the RV/Trailer.  Marie stopped asking for help, and I can see why. Ironically, the kicker here is, this new "remove your RV law" went in effect six years ago. Ron's trailer has been there for 1973.  I think the word in legal terms should be "grandfather clause."  So here is this man, standing in the midst of a shattered life and home, and the town of Story, instead of dropping off chicken soup hands him a citation. Update: According to news reporter, "it's a warning."

Perhaps that's why I like my old vintage phone. It reminds me of a time when people had DECENCY and a REAL CONCERN for their neighbors, or for HUMANS in general.  What happened to small town generosity? Even the town of Danforth, Maine from  (population 723) dropped off dinners to my mother when she was fighting Cancer. People she didn't even know stopped by to help and offer support.  That's what small towns do.  What kind of town is this?

So after I get enough donations to obtain this man some new shoes, clothes, shelter and food, I'll raise hell about this citation if Marie hasn't successfully done so yet. I honestly think she'll have no trouble because what they are doing is ILLEGAL, IMMORAL and UNJUST. Of course this is society. We try to help this man get out of his inadequate living conditions, and the town wants to site him and condemn him instead of HELP HIM.  For now, the town of Story needs to write a new chapter in their book because this one stinks. I don't understand how people can be so cruel. "Hello, hello, operator? Can you get me the Mayor of Story on the line right now?"

Any of us could be Ron, and any of us could NOT get help from our neighbors. Sadly, I would hope that's not the case. Due to the nature of this situation, I'm asking everyone to donate $1 in an envelope and send it to this man. I fired off letters to the Mayor, the News Stations, Extreme Makeover, posted on teh Story County Facebook pages, phoned and called every church and local organization that would listen, heck, even NBC news I went all out . 

No one did anything to help him. When I asked one reporter why there wasn't any coverage of his fire, I was told it was the same week there was a horrible flood in the area. I begged her to get out there. She never did.

Poor Mr. Craig's fire was in poor timing.  So I embarked on my own personal fundraiser and raised over $1462.05 from the good folks, crafters and antiquers on Etsy.

SEND A BUCK TO RON or Read the full story HERE. and see that it's real.
Spread the word, please.  Ron needs you. See Ron:

Ronald Craig
55089 282nd Street
Ames, Iowa 50010

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