Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boontonware Melmac Go With Tumblers : Frosted Glasses by Boonton Rare Jewels of Melamine Collectors

Becoming harder to find is the Boontonware Frosted Tumblers that were sold as go-withs for melmac and melamine dinnerware by the Factory.  They offered many sizes, the most popular would be the full sized iced tea tumbler, but here you will see some rare "highball" style tumblers.

Rare highballs, almost non existent now.

You may remember seeing frosted cups just like these at restaurants, (the all you can eat buffet style restaurants) because Texas Ware had a set that strongly resembled these. In my opinion, theirs were made better.  The problem with Boonton's is they were for styling and not practicality.
Heavy bases accounted for more chips when dropped.

These cups are not melamine, but a much harder plastic, which made them susceptible to stress cracks, chipping, and scratching.   The heavy bases (I bet the bases weighed as much as the cups themselves) made them easy targets for dropping and as you can see, chipped quite easily.

I tend to think they later redesigned them as the other set I have listed in my store is somewhat lighter in design, maybe over time the company lightened up on their plastic composition or design, and although the bases are not as heavy as the blue ones, they still chipped...

One will never know how long these actually "lasted" in the population.    Acquiring a set of pristine glasses is going to be very hard, and if you have them covet them like they were rare jewels.  The ones I have listed on Etsy are from the Derek Schultz Collection and can be used for everyday drinking vessels. 

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  1. I just purchased a set of 6 green ones marked Boonton today at the thrift store. No chips around top or bottom rims. Must also be the later ones as they do not seem bottom heavy.