Friday, September 9, 2011

Green Artists Reuse Melmac : Welcome to Etsy

Methinks there is a Kenro cup in this "upcycled hanging lamp" available at TotalReclaim. 
I suppose reuse of melmac dinnerware in any way, shape, or form is a good thing.  Keeping previous melamine out of the landfill and repurposing it into something else that can be functional or useful is the mission of some Etsians.   Ahhh, yes, the out of the box thinkers have really done something grand.

Branchell's Colorflyte cup is now a lovely upcycled pincushion at Rescued Offerings.
The pincushions I do see a lot, and really are quite cute and functional for the crafter or someone who sews.  Although the thought of that precious cup getting poked by sharp needles just sort of makes me cringe....

Melmac egg cup is now a pincushion , "stick me gently."  This item by PinzAndNeedlz

Lovely little pink cup in this funky lamp by BenclifDesigns
Then we have the bird feeders which would double as bird baths I should say?   I was thinking these would be a great project for the garden next year. However, I am worried it will just encourage my been-here-as-long-as-me-big-fat squirrel to hang out in my garden more than usual.

Tackled and Shackled of California offers this "trio."

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