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Halsey Military Melamine and Melmac

Melamine Dinnerware
Halsey bowls, available at RetroChalet.
Halsey has been making melmac for military , school, and cafeteria use since 1950.  They are currently located in Montrose, PA all of their products are still made in the USA. Vintage military items are still plentiful and appeal to both military collectors and the melmac collector.

Halsey Tray
Halsey Tray,  RetroChalet.
"Spottled" or "mottled" browns are common, and signatures have been found both in script spelling "Halsey" , or simple block print with the letters "US" and internal Halsey codes.  Here are some examples:

Army Melamine
Mug backstamp by BlackbirdAntiques NC.

Army Melamine
Tumblers show the US backstamp, they were available at Etsy shop PrimePickins.

Halsey Melamine
A simple "H" and date code are showing on this Halsey tray by RedAshRedux.

Collecting Halsey can make a nice addition to your shabby home. I personally love the way the plastic is mottled on most military items, and no two pieces look exactly alike.  Turn your kitchen into a mess hall and serve ice cream, grapes, or salads in the cool Halsey bowls. Assembling a mini collection can be fun, and exciting because you never know what pieces you may find.

Melmac Cups
Angies Iris of Etsy had these stacking mugs.

Halsey Collection Melamine
Halsey collection for sale great tumblers, were from Prime Pickins on Etsy.
Speckled Melmac Mugs
BlackbirdAntiquesNC offers these mugs!

Halsey operates within governmental standards and their products are made to last. They sell direct mainly to governmental agencies, and have ties with the Boy Scouts!  Halsey still remains keen on using some of their more popular designs today, such as their classic mess hall mugs (10 oz)  and retro styled tumblers. They also make promotional products such as coasters, picture plates, and trays.

Halsey Custom Mugs
Classic Mess Hall Mugs, now engraved for the Boy Scouts. Photo courtesy of Halsey, Inc. 

Halsey Melmac Tray
Update : 
Note: I found a strange connection with Halsey making old turkey trays for Thanksgiving. These were once made in the 1950's by Northern Industrial Chemical Company and other manufacturers and sold over the holidays. Halsey still makes them as of 10/28/16 for custom jobs. 

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