Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Melmac Capac California and Durawear Linked 1959

Capac backstamp courtesy of ShopMichL on Etsy.
I recently read from a Modern Plastics that in 1959 California Molded Products Inc (CMP) had recently acquired Capac Inc., (who was then a manufacturer of melamine dinnerware,) and at that time they were constructing a 16000-sq.-ft. plant in Santa Paula, California.  The building was supposed to be completed in December 1959--which I find odd because during the early 1960's came the decline of Melmac.  This however proves Durawear and Capac were indeed molded by the same company (as of late 1959).  Prior to 1959, this line of melmac from Capac, Inc. remains a mystery to me.  I found the company itself as of the mid 1970's making computer parts.  Does anyone have any information prior to 1959?
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It's funny how the cities on the backstamps of Santa Paula for Durawear and Pomona for Capac are in actuality 92 miles apart.  I wonder did they continue to mark them that way after CMP acquired Capac--if not, and they changed the stamp, it may help in dating melmac made prior to 1959 or after.  I think that by the end of 1959 it is reasonably safe to say that CMP was the MOLDING giant of California. This indeed was THE equivalent of Texasware in California and as such, probably molded Capac, and Durawear and much more. I wonder if somehow they were also molding Miramar and Laguna once it closed? That remains to be seen........See the Miramar factory tour here.

Was Laguna then molded here too?  These plates at StitchyImpressions on Etsy!.

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  1. Greetings. I have a Melmac Cream and Sugar set in turquoise. The Sugar bowl with lid is marked Melmac 108 Durawear Pomona, California. The Creamer is marked Melmac CAPAC 109, Pomona, California. A matching set, identical colors, different markings.