Friday, October 21, 2011

New Melmac Carlisle in Restaurants Near You Cici's Pizza Harrisonburg, Virginia

I'm happy to report that modern day melmac is still in use in some restaurants. Recently I had the pleasure of eating at CiCi's All-U-Can Eat Pizza and Salad place down in the mountains of Virginia. They must have had twenty different types of pizza....some like spinach Alfredo and taco cheeseburger something or other I would never even thought of on my own! The best part about the whole place was the fact the plates were all melmac.   Yep, that's right, a BIG OL' stack of Carlisle in yellow was waiting...not sure who made the tumblers but they reminded me of the old Texan by Texasware!!!

As for the soup, salad, and pizza, you can' beat it for the price and the taste.   They are a-ok in my book! Thanks for keeping melmac alive!
History of Carlisle: 
Dates back to 1955. In actuality they were in early plastics making including serving ware. They are directly related to Si-Lite, and through them acquired Brookpark , Arrowhead and Kenro later in life.  Read all about their history HERE!

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