Saturday, October 29, 2011

Russel Wright Idealware Fortiflex Found at Cattle Dog Modern on Etsy

The very elusive Fortiflex Pitcher offered at Cattle Dog Modern.
It's not often you find Fortiflex Idealware by Russel Wright. This wonderful pitcher is in one of the original Idealware colors, Carnation Pink and still seems to have an original sticker on it. For $99, it's a huge bargain.
Get it now at CattleDogModern!

Ideal Toy Company had a Housewares Division, whom Russel Wright designed these pieces for circa 1957ish.  Primarly the line consisted of tumblers, pitchers, salad bowls w/ serving spoons and elusive refrigerator containers.Small bowls have been found as well. Though I've seen other Idealware items such as trays and mixing bowls they aren't proved to be a Wright design.  With the success of Tupperware, one would have thought this line would have fared well. Sold in upscale stores like Macy's, it was targeted to the entertaining housewife who liked good design. Made of a polystrene meets Fortiflex type material, it was boil-proof and durable, and could be used both for hot foods or in the cold fridge.
Photo: Cattle Dog Modern. Most pieces of Idealware are unmarked or cracked on base from shrinkage of the plastic.

Pieces found today are RARE and expect to pay high prices, up to $200 for a pitcher and double that for a set of tumblers and pitchers in the original box.  The reason is most pieces weren't marked and over time, the bottons of the tumblers and cups became brittle and cracked resulting in people tossing them out.

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Read more about Russel Wright's work with the Ideal Company HERE.

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