Monday, October 24, 2011

Gaiety by Joan Luntz Brookpark Arrowhead

Gaiety Colors and Pieces...unmarked for International Molding by Joan Luntz.

Unmarked and lovely is the Gaiety line from International Molding. A budget line , this was often featured in dime stores and grocery stores. It is unmarked but surely designed by Joan Luntz, who designed almost every melmac line the company made including Brookpark and Arrowhead.

Key colors include white with grey speckles, turquoise with white speckles, orange with white speckles and yellow with white speckles.

Gravy boats and funky in design courtesy, Retro Chalet. The same boat mold were used for Brookpark and Arrowhead lines.
It is still easy to find these pieces and assemble a set, though I think the gravy boats, tab handled cereal bowls, butter dishes and lids to the sugar bowls are getting harder and harder to find! Although the divided casserole dish is common, the open-smaller style is not.
Works of art.

These are still somewhat easy to find, but slightly smaller and open bowls are not.
Though I have seen black with white speckles and pink with white speckles in same molds, (as well as solid pale pastels like pink and blue), surely this was not named "Gaiety" and quite possibly named something else. Companies back then had a good way of marketing like products made from same molds but changing the colors, just look at Colorflyte and Royale lines by Branchell!!
Pink and black bliss, is this called Gaiety too? Courtesy: RetroChalet


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