Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bessemer Modern Australian Melmac Made in Australia

FoxandThomas offers this straight from Austrailia!
I love the designs of Mod Australian Bessemer.  This was a line of plastics and melamine items produced there but much of it landed in the states.  I am completely unsure if the Bessemer of these products is the same of the Bessemer cookware products of today, but their website does indicate they've been around since the 1960's, and that most of their items used to be sold through in-home-party-plans.  Can you imagine having an in-home-melmac party?

Hobart Collectables, probably the largest vintage seller from Australia on Etsy, has this great Ashtray which can bring us some clues if we look close enough. There's a great article on Hobart  Collectables on Vintage Chalet that you may find interesting. 

Clues :  Nylex Corporation made this Melmac Ashtray for Bessemer products.
Now other than great plastic serving items, Bessemer did make melmac dinnerware. I don't know how popular it was in Australia, but it did exist. Here are a few designs.
The above and below designs are available at Vintage Twists.

If you are thinking the platter looks very similar in style to some American designs you've seen, you are absolutely right. I think as far as modern styling goes, they were on the same page as American designers. Now perhaps the best thing I've found recently by Bessemer was on Ebay, by Ridgefield Estate Treasures.  and I am unsure if this Bessemer Plastics is different than the Aussie Bessemer. I was thinking how modern in design it looks, and how lovely it is.

Bessemer Plastics made this mod chafing dish and is available at Ridgefield Estate Treasures, User Id BGilliam
The point is it seems like anything marked Bessemer here and there makes for a good modern home.

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