Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Branchell Colorflyte and Kaye Lamoyne Originals

By the Wayside has these great Colorflyte bowls for sale!
Deenis Teepe (Rhode Island) has done a ton of research on The Branchell Company and Colorflyte melamine dinnerware. His site, all about The Branchell Company has great 100% free information and photos.  It was in St. Louis, Missouri!  I really do hope you will visit it and drop him a line sometime, and tell him how much you appreciate him keeping the information out there, sort of a free encyclopedia on Branchell!

What you may not know, is that Dennis is instrumental in my love for plastics. I remember in the early days corresponding with him, as he was a wealth of knowledge on plastics. Not to mention he would outbid me on most everything I wanted on ebay.  Come to find out, he used to live right by me --within a few miles. What were the odds of that, considering he could have lived anywhere else in the whole USA?
Ashtrays, getting harder to find,  by GrandmasVintageAttic  on Etsy.

We ended up getting together to talk and see plastics.We decided not to bid against each other and it made acquiring some pieces we liked a heck of a lot cheaper.  I had a room for plastics that was so-so, but Dennis topped the cake by having a whole basement done in 1950's retro kitsch! Complete with an old dinette, old kitchen cabinets, all filled with vintage plastics. From old toy cars to melamine in the boxes,  it was truly amazing.  I had never seen anyone's collection so large and so vast.  Dennis alsohad a love for vintage toys like Puzzles and they were cool too.

Rare Kaye LaMoyne Originals, Kaye was the designer of the Branchell Melmac lines....these offered by JazzyMarie

Now I had been collecting many patterns, but leaning towards the Home Decorators Flowertime because I liked Russel Wright's designs but I had not seen the half of them. Dennis started trading me his Russel Wright overstock for some of my pieces he needed.  I then decided to trade all my other lines just to obtain Russel Wright.I suppose he's really the one responsible for making me the Russel Wright guru I am today. Had I never met Dennis, I probably would not have found all that Russel Wright had to offer and learned so much.  So today, out of my graphics studio, I made a great little icon to link his site too, as I was tired of the old one.

So, I hope you will go to his site, and find out all about Branchell, Colorflyte, and Kaye Lamoyne Originals!!!

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  1. How rare are LaMoyne signed Ebonyte pieces ??? I acquired several plates (signed by Kaye LaMoyne) plus another lot of cups & saucers.