Friday, August 17, 2012

Lovely Lustroware Lustro-ware Plastic

Lustroware is just one of those fantastic plastics that I can't ever have enough of in my kitchen. Not really melamine or melmac, but funky all in it's own right. Many people just don't realize how much plastic by Lustro-Ware is actually floating around out there. From canisters to measuring cups, from bins to measuring spoons you may be suprised to know that at one time, this fantastic plastic dominated kitchens everywhere. From an old magazine (A reader named John sent to me and said it was featured in an old Hardware Age* but this is not verified) comes this great store display. Wow. What's not to love?
lustro-ware Plastic Ad

If you look closely we are to discover that the "Step-On can" which I assume was made of plastic fantastic, was the "Grand Award Winner" in the 1956 plastic housewares competition.  Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a Lustroware Garbage can quite like that. What bugs me is they say it's unbreakable yet some of the canisters are easy to get cracks as they appear more harder plastic than the more supple juice reamers. I wonder if this was just a hiccup in advertising or if they truly thought those canisters could not crack.  I guess you learn something new every day in plastic land.

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You may also like to see what prices Lustroware is currently selling for on the web:

Lustroware Spice rack
Lustroware Spice Rack from reconstitutions on Etsy for $72.50 is gorgeous.

Lustroware Ice Bucket
Funky Lustroware Ice Bucket in Cream and Gold goes for $14.00 at SuperMagic on Etsy.
Lustroware Juice Reamer
Lustroware Juice Reamer on Etsy in pretty pink $10 at HartzellVintage.

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