Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coronado Melmac by Miramar of California

Coronado melamine dinnerware
Coronado Melamine Dinnerware in Montego Pattern Courtesy of WildRosePrimitives on Etsy.
It's very interesting what old items may surface like this later model set of melmac manufactured by Miramar of California (now closed.)  The set is called Coronado and is in those tacky 60's-70's colors we used to have in our 1973 kitchen.  The key here is that old boxes like this can certainly give us clues to what was happening in those days. Perhaps if you look closely at the box above you will see, the cups are called "thermoplastic."  Is this new term supposed to scare us, or put us in awe? Whatever the case this set has been preserved as if it was on the original store shelves just waiting to be had.

miramar melmac
Courtesy: WildRosePrimitives on Etsy, $46.00

 Clues also tell us if you notice there's a two year guarantee against breakage, wherein some of the older melamine companies would give "lifetime" replacements or even a five or ten year guuarantee. Does this mean during this time melamine dinnerware production was unstable, or the company just didn't know if it would be around more than two years?  Quite honestly I believe the mixture of melamine they were using in their dishes were just a crappier blend, Cheaper powders mean skimpier amounts of melamine and more crappy fillers. The melamine of the late 60's and 70's was not anything like the original quality-checked melmac from Cyanamid or the melamine sold during those days. Back then, dishes of the 1950's which were thick and made to withstand everything stating "unbreakable" features.  Quite honestly by the time of this product most melamine was made thinner, less quality, and selling for a lot less in the five and dime stores than when originally rolled out.

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