Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Plastic Rubber Bendy Bendie Toys Gumby Pokey

vintage bendy toys
Cowboy bendy toys are scary looking, $12 each at RetroChalet.
Little Bendy Rubber Toys for Girls and Boys

According to the Rubber Journal (Vol 139, circa 1960)  Bendy toys, were,  practically unbreakable. This must be true as so many have survived. My husband, almost 50 at the time of this post, remembers playing with the cowboy ones in the sand as a child.  Most that I've found are marked "Hong Kong" on the back.
bendy toys rabbit
Rabbit Bendy Toys, $12 each, about 6" tall on Etsy.
bendy toys
Courtesy of etsy

Rubber Journal announced them as "soft and pliable" and said they would "excite the imagination with the many poses into which they can be bent."  The Rubber Journal went onto boast that "Bendability is achieved by a wire moulded into foam rubber, in bright colours readily washable."  Now where they referring to Gumby and Pokey on these novelty bendies that originally sold for less than a buck?
cowboy indian bendy toys
Retrochalet on Etsy has bendies $12 each in a wide variety of poses. Most are marked "hong kong"

So how many of you actually washed these things? I'm not sure what's more exciting. Finding out there was an "official rubber journal" or seeing so many bendy toys involved.
santa claus bendy on Etsy
Santa Claus Bendy courtesy of RetroChalet on Etsy

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