Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Moment To Those Who Have Passed

Russel Wright Flair Melmac
Melmac: Immortal though we are not.

Praying for Newtown
The tragedy in Newtown, CT has had me speechless all week. I remember when schools were safe, and relatively speaking, so was our country. I can't imagine something this heinous happening, lest of all in a small town.  I am praying for those who have passed, and those who are left.  I can't imagine the kids trying to deal with losing their friends. The parents who have sent this child to school to get the call they've lost their loved ones. Friends of the heroic teacher who used herself as a shield. It doesn't affect just family members. It has impacted the nation. I worry these children who have witnessed such horror will never be the same again. One day they are innocent not having to bear the burden of the world just yet, alas the next day witness to horror. I don't understand this world sometimes.  All you can do is pray. Pray hard.

Two Years Without My Mom
The 15th was two years without my mom. I started this blog when she was ill with colorectal cancer.  She made it through the (rectal tumor) operation and was declared cancer free and lymph node clear.  She died in the hospital after I left her that night.  Many questions, but I pray.

Robin Louis Thorne Ptacek, aka Mr. Melmac
I also just found out fellow plastics researcher and email friend of mine for years, Mr. Melmac from Palm Springs, California has passed after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Though he passed after Thanksgiving,  I hadn't found out until just last night.

Derek Schultz
I can't forget my other plastics pal, Derek Schultz, who has been gone almost four years. Hard to believe, but he passed right before Christmas.

In honor of those above, we will be taking a short hiatus from posting about plastics until after the Holiday Season.

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