Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dishwasher Worthy Westinghouse Ovation Melmac for Fifty Nine Cents

Westinghouse Melmac
I just had to share this great item, for sale at VintageGoodies on Etsy,  for only $10 a box!
Leave it to Lisa Price of VintageGoodies Etsy shop to find these way cool melmac sets by Westinghouse in their original boxes. Ultra rare indeed is to have such original boxes still existing. This was a three piece place setting which was set to sell for $3.20 manufacturer price, but as you can see was marked down in the (five and dime, or A&P where Hemcoware and Westinghouse was often sold?) store to only .59.  Fifty nine cents, sort of hard to believe when you think of what things cost these days now isn't it? I would have thought that the production of the melmac alone would have cost more than that. Not to mention the printing of the boxes.....

Westinghosue Melmac Guarantee

Lisa says they are dated 1957 and she's selling them for $10 a box, a really cheap price in the world of vintage melmac. What is even better than the price are the clues given to us, of how "Ovation dinnerware may be washed in boiling water or an automatic dishwasher".  Wow. Crazy.

The ad goes onto caution about using abrasive scrubbing compounds. I guess they weren't counting on us trying to clean melmac dinnerware  55 years later.....

Westinghouse Electric Corp
Bryant Division
Bridgeport 2, Connecticut.

If you love melmac, get over to Lisa's store VintageGoodies and grab some of these before they are gone. The advertising along is worth $10.

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