Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vintage Melamine Wedding Dinnerware

Spaulding Ware Melamine
For $60 at Grammy's Goodys, you could certainly use this at the bridge and groom's table at a wedding.
Since When Is Melmac Wedding Worthy? 

This is a true story, and some of the unpaid rewards I receive while blogging.  Not so long ago I had a personal email me and ask if I had enough of "one style" melmac to catering his wedding with.  He actually wanted Brookpark, by Joan Luntz, which is a timeless design indeed.  Of course I did not have matching, good enough condition to loan him, but I was in shock.

joan luntz melamine brookpark
Since when is Brookpark Melamine desired for weddings? This at L2Country on Etsy

I was wondering, just who uses vintage melamine as their wedding ware?  Then I thought about it - how cool would that be to serve your guests retro 1950s style?   I assume only the rich and famous could afford to piece together enough to feed 300 guests. Read on.

How to Use Vintage Melmac For Your Wedding

The issue would be finding enough of it in good enough condition. You could do it - if you are planning your wedding two years out, but it may cost you a lot of money finding pieces. If you go for more common and easy to find lines, like Royalon's Corsage below (still often found on Etsy and Ebay as well as in thrift stores, flea markets, and antiques malls) you could assemble it rather quickly for a small wedding party.

If you email the look and brand to all our friends and wedding guests, and let them go on a hunt for you at their local thrifts and fleas, you may be surprised at what you could rally up. Between local Craigslist, KRRB, and Salvation armies, if each assembled a small set the two years leading up to your wedding you would have enough of it.  Keep in mind, you would need appetizer plates, full course plates and of course, dessert wedding cake plates. 

royalon melmac
GrammysGoodys on Etsy sure has great melmac in stock. This whole set for $75 is a steal.

The set above could be mixed in with solid white melmac from just about any line.   You could not easily match the purple as this lilac was pretty much a color used only by Royalon. Theo other lilacs and purples I've seen (By TexasWare) have been a bit darker.

Another Solution: Go with *NEW* Restaurant Melmac

Now modern day solutions--you could purchase melamine restaurant ware melamine at a restaurant store -- (online at Instawares, Waldo Wares,  or Wasserstrom ) and look for quality names like Carlisle , GET , Prolon, or ThunderGroup. These are still being produced today for chain restaurants. They make a lot of colors, but buying in a few cases may run you a pretty penny. A dozen *new* Carlisle bread plates may run you $46+ Shipping.  If you had a wedding party of 100, you will be spending about $600 for bread plates alone. Just crazy, unless you have a rich uncle paying for the wedding, then do it!

Factoring in Wedding Costs :  Is Melmac Feasible When You Have Wedding Gown, Bridesmaid Dresses and Everything Else?

The answer is clearly if you wish to have melamine, you must ask your caterer. Perhaps they have melamine dinnerware they have already purchased for events that they could use.

Even with vintage, buying piece meal sets on Etsy may run you $100 shipped to your home service for 8 or twelve.  That is why it's essential to get your wedding guests involved (as discussed previously) to go on a hunt for you. It may be better to only use melamine at smaller gatherings or at just the bride and groom table. It is do-able, if you start your treasure hunt early enough.
Bridgesmaid Dresses Under $100
Inexpensive enough to try on via mail order, and return if you must at Brautkleider Online Shop
Suffice to say, there's good news for the bride to be and her bridesmaids, as, she doesn't have to pay a fortune for her gown, thanks to our sponsor of this post, Brautkleider Online Shop . You may not be able to afford your melmac, but you will be able to afford your bridesmaid gowns! Their site is in German, (and since I have readers all over the world), I'm going to tell you that they offer charming bridesmaid gowns at affordable prices - some less than $100 which is shocking.  They have promotions at 57% off regular prices!  (As I'm posting this, their site indicates 80% off select styles.)
Bridesmaid Designer Gowns Via Mail:  This Is the New Trend

Purchasing designer dresses via mail is the new trend. The incredible savings allows you enough time to order one online and try it on before the wedding, so you can decide either you wear it or return it--even saving if you have to reship back overseas. Crazy huh?

texasware platter
Gorgeous TexasWare Platter at definitelynotcrafty on Etsy is pretty enough for the bride and groom's dinner!

Not so much maybe, I personally would think an easy solution is ordering one size larger, getting it tailored and using that savings money to buy your BRIDE & GROOM some wedding melamine dinnerware would be the right thing to do!


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